How Facebook ads led to 25% increase in orders for Petals Florist

Petals Boutique flower shop in Tunbridge Wells creates exquisite, bespoke arrangements for homes and the hospitality industry. 

What We Did


Petals Florist had a very small audience on Facebook but these were not the ideal client for this product. It was vital to grow their audience to ensure adverts reached the right people.


The first part of the plan was to complete a full audit of the Petal Boutique’s existing social platforms. Armed with this information a new strategy was created to achieve XYZ…

The Results

The audience grew by X% over X months, with a X% conversion rate from organic traffic resulting in a 25% increase in sales.


Sandra came to us when we were facing the problem of having a fantastic products, but no one to sell them to. She was very strategic in her approach and suggested we invest in paid traffic which worked really well. Through out the process Sandra was a joy to work with and had great ideas to create engagement and ensure our followers were getting to know the brand. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with Sandra and would recommend her to anyone launching a new product.

Joe Smith